Oceans’ music video (directed by Natalya Holley, produced by Holley London/Lauren Holley) brings her audience face to face with the faceless, exploiting the general public’s weakness for sad children in her depiction of the refugee experience. We meet an innocent-looking, dusty young girl (Ophelia Nelson) playing with plastic toy soldiers inside a humble, shabby tent. She ventures from her space at the onset of commotion, as a diverse group of people – presumably more displaced persons – run toward an unmoving fence with blood in their eyes.

The girl is small enough to slip through the fence, but when she stands, she finds herself alone, watching helplessly from the other side as that drab group unsuccessfully attempts to break down the wall. When she turns around, she stands before a sea of masked soldiers in a defensive stance. One of the soldiers shows the young girl compassion, bending down and unmasking himself to recognize her humanity. This is Oceans’ message, in as literal and direct a message as possible: Stop pretending these humans aren’t human. They are your daughter; your son; your husband; your wife; they are you. - Atwood Magazine, 2016